‘Arrow’ Hero of the Week: Who Is Vixen?

     February 24, 2016


Normally the caped crusaders of The CW’s Arrow have to contend with a new and sometimes obscure comic book villain each and every week. On tonight’s episode, they’ll be getting a helping hand thanks to fellow costumed crimefighter, Vixen. As played by Megalyn Echikunwoke, the character of Mari McCabe, who moonlights as the totem-powered superhero Vixen, will fight alongside Team Arrow in their season-long pursuit of bringing down Damien Darhk. (Be sure to find out how Vixen will fit into the Team, in Echikunwoke’s own words!)

While villains can show up each and every week without much explanation or backstory, it’d be a little strange if Green Arrow’s crew just partnered up with a new arrival simply because she had a snazzy costume. In a clever turn, Green Arrow is already familiar with Vixen (so’s The Flash, for good measure) thanks to CW Seed’s animated series, Vixen, which also featured Echikunwoke’s voice work for the title character. The series’ first season introduced Vixen’s origin story over a course of six episodes, prepping the superheroine for tonight’s battle on Arrow. In case you’re not caught up on all things Vixen, read on to find out more!