Exclusive: Ashley Bell, Angela Trimbur Set for ‘Carnage Park’ Director Mickey Keating’s ‘Psychopaths’

     March 11, 2016


Indie horror director Mickey Keating is keeping at least one performer from his most recent film, Carnage Park, for his next venture. Collider’s own Perri Nemiroff is currently down in Austin for SXSW, and during an interview with Mickey Keating, the filmmaker revealed to us exclusively that actress Ashley Bell stars in his next movie, Psychopaths, in addition to The Final Girls star Angela Trimbur. Speaking about the picture—which has already wrapped—Keating described a tonal shift for what sounds like his biggest film yet:

“It’s a very kind of sprawling ensemble serial killer movie that’s very heavy-handed 70s, Paul Schrader-type violence… It’s the exact opposite of what Carnage Park is, it’s very colorful and energetic and crazy. There’s 20 characters in the movie so it’s very different.”

Bell is no stranger to horror fare having starred in 2010’s The Last Exorcism and its sequel The Last Exorcism Part II, and Keating says she’ll be reuniting with the filmmaker for his next movie. Trimbur, meanwhile, turned heads in last year’s terrific meta-horror twist The Final Girls, so she makes a swell addition to the ensemble as well.

Keating first burst onto the scene as a director with his 2013 film Ritual, which was followed in quick succession by three films in the span of two years: the sci-fi-tinged Pod, the psychological thriller Darling, and the aforementioned Carnage Park, which Perri praised heavily in her review of the film from the Sundance Film Festival this year. Clearly the guy works fast, but from his comments here fans can expect something bigger and different from anything he’s done before.

Look for Perri’s full interview with Keating, along with much more SXSW coverage, on Collider soon.


Image via Sundance

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