Ashley Greene Will Star in Horror Flick THE APPARITION; Film to Run on Hotness

     November 5, 2009


Men, if you find yourself forced into watching “Twilight” or “New Moon”, don’t panic.  There is a way to survive.  Be on the lookout for Ashley Greene, who plays some vampire lady, I wasn’t really paying attention because her character is not the point.  The point is Ashley Greene is jaw-droppingly attractive and every time the camera looks at her the suffering momentarily ends.  She is the life-saver which you must cling to for dear life.  At the end of it all, you will thank the gods and the casting director for putting her in that franchise.

Today we have news that she’ll be starring in Dark Castle’s upcoming horror movie “The Apparition”, which means you won’t spend time between scenes praying she’ll show up.  You just get to gaze upon her and let your adulation creep out others around you.  Hit the jump to go Greene.

“The Apparition” is based on a true story because Americans can’t be scared horror movies that don’t have some basis in fact.  “True” horror stories for us are what albino children are to the Japanese-terrifying.  Greene would play one-half of a college couple who are haunted by a supernatural presence unleashed during a college experiment.  No word yet if the other half of the couple is also a hot female co-ed and that’s how the experiment came about.

Variety reports that Todd Lincoln is writing and will direct the film.  Dark Castle is currently moving “The Losers” through post-production and also developing “Unknown White Male”, starring Liam Neeson, January Jones, and Diane Kruger.  “The Apparition” is schedule to begin production on February 1st.  Now here’s a sexy photo of Ashley Greene.


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