Watch 20 New Olaf Short Films That Were Created at Home

     May 1, 2020


Even with every production shut down and everyone stuck in their homes, some people are still finding ways to provide us all with some much-needed entertainment. We even got a whole dang Parks and Recreation reunion episode! But I have to admit, I absolutely did not expect At Home with Olaf, a series of Disney short films featuring Frozen’s Olaf that were produced entirely from home.

Animated by Hyrum Osmond and voiced by Josh Gad, the series of 18 short films were released through Disney’s various social media accounts throughout the month of April, with the very last short dropping earlier today. For lack of a better word, they’re flippin’ delightful. Each one clocks in at around a minute (some a little shorter, some a little longer), and they all feature Olaf exploring some new aspect of the world, including going fishing and carving a pumpkin. The whole series of 20 shorts has been collected in a player on Disney’s website for easy binging, so treat yourself.


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