‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Will Have Extra Episodes But It Won’t Be Back Until 2021

     January 9, 2020

Donald Glover‘s critically celebrated FX series Atlanta has already been renewed for both Season 3 and Season 4, but FX boss John Landgraf revealed new details about the upcoming seasons today and we’ve got a bit of a bad news/good news situation on our hands.

Good news first: Season 3 is getting two extra episodes, bumped up to a ten-episode run from the usual eight episodes. “Initially, [Glover’s] intent was to make 16 episodes that would be broken up into eight and eight. He came back to us recently because things went so well in the writers’ room and asked if we would support 10 episodes. We said yes,” Landgraff explained. So the first of those two seasons will be 10,” Landgraf said.


Image via Netflix

Landgraf described the new seasons as “Part 1 and 2” of a new installment in the series and the plan is to shoot both batches of new episodes back-to-back — and they’re heading outside of the states! “They’re going to shoot them all in sequence. A good chunk of it shoots outside the United States, which is fascinating,” Landgraf said.

Now for the bad news: Glover’s commitments for Disney’s The Lion King pushed back production a bit, which means you’re going to have to wait a while for the new episodes — however, since they’re shooting in succession, you can probably expect both seasons to launch next year.

“The plan is that one would air I think in January, so early next year. And then the other would air, I think, later that year, somewhere around the fall,” Landgraf explained. “There’ll be less than a year break between them.”

While there are no current plans for a fifth season, FX is clearly interested in staying in the Atlanta business.  “As long as Donald wants to make more ‘Atlanta,’ I’m down for that,” Landgraf said. “But it’s his choice.”

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