‘Atlanta’: Watch a New Teaser for Donald Glover’s FX Rapper Comedy

     June 3, 2016


We haven’t heard (or seen) much regarding Donald Glover’s upcoming rapper comedy Atlanta since FX ordered it to series last fall, aside from a short promo that aired during The People v. O.J Simpson finale. But so far, it’s looking mighty intriguing. That’s no surprise given that Glover has described it as “Twin Peaks with rappers,” but it looks like he might actually make good on that bold promise if this new teaser is any indication.

The series (starring and created by Glover) focuses on two cousins working their way up through the Atlanta rap scene, though with opposing viewpoints on art versus commerce. When do you have to compromise your vision for success, or do you have to at all? And what role does race play in all of this?

The series will seek to explore this and more, with what is sure to be a kickass soundtrack. Check out the teaser below:

Fellow ATLiens may note that the trio are walking through East Atlanta, near Stokeswood Avenue and the former locale of Earthshaking Music. The world moving backwards behind them (or rather, forwards while they are walking backwards and then edited to the reversed … potentially) does give the clip an eerie Twin Peaks-y vibe.

The previous clip, which was not released online, featured Lakeith Stanfield wondering about the O.J. trial, and why the FX series ended with his acquittal. Glover replies that it’s based on a true story, to which Stanfield replies, “Is that why the cops are mad? I’d be mad as hell.”

Are you excited for the new series? FX has been going out on a limb recently with its half-hour programming, starting years ago with Louie, and leading to oddball series like Baskets. We’ll see where Atlanta fits in to all of this — even though it’s set up as a comedy (since it’s a half-hour format), those old comedy vs. drama distinctions are becoming more and more muddled. But, we’ll find out soon enough — as the teaser promises, the series is set to debut in September on FX.



Image via Warner Bros.