Unintentionally Amusing Trailer for ATLAS SHRUGGED: PART 1

     February 14, 2011


The film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged has been a massive undertaking.  It’s difficult to condense Rand’s 1200 treatise on the value of being a selfish prick, so the folks behind the movie have decided to break the book up into parts.  The trailer for Part 1 of the adaptation has been released and I half-expected a title card that read “From executive producer Glenn Beck”.  It doesn’t feel like it’s a trailer for a real movie because characters are just espousing Rand’s beliefs in casual dialogue.  There are other bits of comic goodness scattered throughout and I have to admit I want to see this train wreck (pun intended) out of morbid curiosity.  I also like that they basically took the marketing campaign for Salt and simply changed the “S” to a “G”.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film is due out on April 15th, as a “suck it” to Tax Day even though Tax Day was moved back to April 18th because of Emancipation Day.  But it’s good that a film is pointing out this tyrannical holiday because I hate paying for roads and fire departments.  Give me traveling on dirt and burning buildings or give me death!


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