‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Finale Left Fans with More Questions Than Answers

     June 20, 2017


Season 2 of Shingeki no kyojin, better known Stateside as Attack on Titan, came to a conclusion this weekend, leaving fans with plenty of answers to questions they’d been asking for four years. But in addition to resolving of some of the show’s major mysteries–What exactly are the Titans? Where do they come from? What’s up with their weird faces?–Attack on Titan‘s second season also conjured up a whole crop of new questions that won’t be answered until Season 3, at the earliest. (Now’s a good time to mention that, yeah, if you’re reading the manga, all of this has been addressed already.)

There’s plenty of good news, however. Despite having half the episodes of the first season, Season 2 had a stronger focus in those episodes, allowing it to deliver satisfying answers alongside mind-blowing revelations in each and every outing. The continued good news is that fans won’t have to wait another four years to see Season 3. Wit Studio, the animation house behind the kinetic, visceral, and at times downright strange design of Attack on Titan, confirmed that the show would be back some time in 2018. That’s way better than waiting for the 2020s for some more AoT action.


Image via Wit Studio, Funimation

But as for what happened in Season 2 and its finale, that takes a little bit of explanation. This is your final spoiler warning to stop reading if you haven’t watched the finale or don’t want a little extra insider info on the story of Attack on Titan. I won’t go too deep into the manga’s lore here and will keep story spoilers hidden or in links only. So with that being said, let’s get into it!

From the outset of Season 2, Attack on Titan reveals something in the anime that had been known for a while in the manga: The revelation that Titans themselves were in the very walls that protected human civilization. Without going too far into the history of the walls themselves, which go back a long, long way before Eren’s story, we know a few things from this season of the anime: Certain Titans (the “Shifters” like the Female Titan, Colossus Titan, Armored Titan and Beast Titan) can damaged the walls which are otherwise impervious, and that the Church of the Walls, a sect of radicals who see the walls as religious objects, will go to any lengths to preserve the secrets behind their creation. Even under torture, those secrets were not divulged this season; maybe next year. But perhaps Hange Zoë‘s theory about a piece of the Female Titan’s skin being similar to the Walls’ material is already most of the way there …

While the existence of Titans within the walls was certainly a big WTF moment early on which allowed the story to swing briefly into an investigation of the strange phenomenon, more importantly, it gave the Scouts a reason to ride the length of the wall looking for any holes where a Titan invasion might be coming from. This, of course, led to devastation of the troops out in the wild, especially during the battle of Utgard Castle. During this mini arc, we get the reveal that Krista Lenz is actually Historia Reiss, the last surviving member of the royal family. Coupled with this reveal was the surprise that Krista/Historia’s bodyguard Ymir was actually a Titan Shifter in disguise! “Being a goddess isn’t all that bad.” (She also happened to be the one who surfaced and killed Marcel in Season 1…) While that was bad news for Annie Leonhart, a.k.a. the Female Titan, Ymir’s own transformation comes in quite handy for the Scouts throughout the rest of the season, though it does complicate things once the other named Titans reveal themselves.