Attention HARRY POTTER fans

     July 18, 2007

With “Harry Potter” fever running at almost a fever pitch, I figured you want to know that NBC landed an interview with J.K. Rowling and it’ll air on the “Today” show Thursday, July 26 and Friday, July 27 and during a one-hour special of “Dateline,” Sunday, July 29.

According to NBC, Vieira and Rowling will explore the Harry Potter phenomenon, including Rowling’s notable impact on literacy, her readers, and the publishing industry, as well as the inspiration she has given young writers.

Since J.K. Rowling rarely gives interviews, you might want to check it out.

And as long as I’m talking “Harry Potter,” can I give a big f*ck you to anyone who’s trying to spoil the book for all of us who actually want to read it. I really don’t understand the people who take pleasure it ruining an experience just to be able to do it.

I swear the first person I see wearing a shirt saying who dies in the final book is going to get a punch in the face. If you hear about me going to jail…that’s the reason.

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