Attention Movie Studios! Someone please pick up ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT

     March 13, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Back in January of 2008 I saw a fantastic film. It was called “Assassination of a High School President” and it had everything going for it. The reviews were great on every website, it had a distribution deal, and everyone was ready and wiling to support the film in the online community. The original plan was for the movie to be released in late 2008, but the Yari Film Group went into bankruptcy and the film disappeared from the release calendar.

Since last Sundance I’d wondered what the hell happened to this gem of a movie.

Well, Peter at Slashfilm has found out and it’s not good. It seems that the film is in danger of going straight to DVD and that’s a shame. So many movies get released every year that are a waste of everyone’s time. “Assassination of a High School President” is not one of those movies. It’s filled with laugh out loud moments, great and interesting characters, and it features Bruce Willis saying and doing some pretty crazy stuff.

The fact is, this is a film that deserves to be seen and I think some studio should take a chance and pick up the movie for distribution. Also, buying it now would allow for enough time to distribute it this September when school’s go back into session. This is the perfect film for early fall and I’m telling anyone reading this you’d have the entire online community helping you out.

Trust me, everyone I spoke to really enjoyed this film and I’m sure audiences would as well.

And since you might need a bit more pushing, here are three clips from the film. See it for yourself.

Finally, here are links to interviews I did with Mischa Barton and Reece Thompson (the two leads) and Director Brett Simon.

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