Aubrey Plaza Will Make Michael Cera Miserable

     January 15, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Since I am a huge Scott Pilgrim fan, I will be reporting every bit of casting news that comes along and a bit of it slipped by me last night when I reported that Kieran Culkin would play Wallace Wells. The Hollywood Reporter delivered the news that Aubrey Plaza would be playing Julie Powers the off-again/on-again spiteful girlfriend of Scott’s bandmate Stephen Stills.

For those unfamiliar with Plaza’s previous work, she’s a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and she will be seen in the upcoming Derrick Comedy flick, “Mystery Team”. For those that are going to catch “Mystery Team”, drop us a line to let us know how she is in it (also, you can tell us what you thought of the movie in general—we won’t censor you).

Also, in a related story, if you’re as excited for “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” as I am, then keep an eye on Edgar Wright’s MySpace blog. He’s doing a daily photo journal and if “Scott Pilgrim” is scheduled to go before cameras this Spring, then it’s going to be a great resource of behind-the-scenes shots (or Wright could just take more photos of coffee just to fuck with us).

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