‘Auntie Edna’ Director and Producer on Creating the Latest ‘Incredibles’ Short

     October 23, 2018

When The Incredibles first hit DVD, fans were treated to a surprise: a new five-minute short, Jack-Jack Attack, chronicling the nightmare of babysitting the youngest Incredible. With Incredibles 2 now hitting Blu-ray/DVD, it’s only fitting that it comes packaged with a new Jack-Jack centered short—Auntie Edna. Written and directed by Ted Mathot, Auntie Edna focuses on the titular character as she attempts to design the perfect superhero suit to reign in the all-powerful ‘Incredible’ baby. Hijinks naturally ensue.

incredibles-2-blu-ray-coverIn the following interview with Ted Mathot and producer Marc Sondheimer, they reveal the origins of the new short, other scrapped ideas for an Incredibles short, and the one Jack-Jack power they couldn’t utilize. For the full interview, watch above.

Ted Mathot and Marc Sondheimer:

  • Was the idea for an Incredibles 2 short always focused on Edna and Jack-Jack?
  • What were the other ideas for the short?
  • How early does production have to start on a short film like Auntie Edna?
  • Do Mathot and Sondheimer enjoy working on such an accelerated time frame?
  • How does the development of a short film compare to a feature?
  • How much did Auntie Edna change from initial concept to finished product?
  • How many different powers for Jack-Jack did they brainstorm?
  • Were there any Jack-Jack powers they couldn’t utilize?

Incredibles 2 hits DVD/Blu-ray on November 6th and is available via Digital HD on October 23rd.

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