TAMMY Blu-ray Review

     December 24, 2014

After years of toiling away in nameless bit parts like “Sky King Waitress” in Disney’s The Kid (2000) and thankless supporting parts in rom-coms like The Back-Up Plan (2010), Melissa McCarthy finally broke out as a big screen star in …


     August 15, 2014

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When Oscar-winning writer/director Oliver Stone first unleashed his epic Alexander the Great biopic back in 2004, critics launched a war of words and audiences retreated from the box office battle lines.  In the aftermath of its disastrous theatrical release, Alexander …

LONE SURVIVOR Blu-ray Review

     July 4, 2014

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‘Tis the season for red, white and blue patriotism, which finds perfect cinematic expression in the pro-American military thriller Lone Survivor, which recently debuted on Blu-ray.  Based on The New York Times bestselling book “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of …


     December 3, 2013

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After the blockbuster success of Bridesmaids, actress Kristen Wiig announced she’d be skipping the requisite sequel to try her hand at a more darkly comic role in a black comedy then-titled Imogene. Its basic storyline – a failed playwright (Wiig) …

THE BLING RING Blu-ray Review

     October 27, 2013

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With such films as Marie Antoinette and Somewhere, writer/director Sofia Coppola has carved a niche for herself as cinema’s premiere chronicler of privileged ennui.  However, in her latest cinematic offering, The Bling Ring, Coppola steps outside of the insular world …


     June 3, 2013

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The Impossible is a tricky film to write about because there’s just something inherently tricky about the film itself. Maybe that’s because it’s based on a true story that often feels a little too impossible to believe. Or maybe it’s …

A STAR IS BORN Blu-ray Review

     March 20, 2013

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In the aftermath of last year’s holiday dud The Guilt Trip, it’s difficult imagining a time when Barbra Streisand’s name was synonymous with major box office. But during the late ‘60s and ‘70s, Streisand starred in a string of massive …

GAME CHANGE Blu-ray Review

     January 14, 2013

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I should probably admit my political bias up front: I enthusiastically voted for Barack Obama back in ‘08. That said, I’m not ashamed to confess I was equally riveted that same year by Republican candidate John McCain’s competing campaign, particularly …

ED WOOD Blu-ray Review

     October 26, 2012

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After sending Pee-Wee on a big adventure, raising Beetlejuice from the dead, and flying Batman into Gotham City (twice), Tim Burton was heralded as one of America’s most original and commercially viable directors. So, what did he decide to do …


     October 12, 2012

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Over the past ten years, a plethora of movies have been made about American schoolteachers. Some of our on-screen educators have been good (Hilary Swank inspiring at-risk students in Freedom Writers), some bad (Cameron Diaz sleeping off hangovers during class …