FAIR GAME Blu-ray Review

     April 28, 2011

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If someone told you a story about a CIA agent getting outed to the media by the upper echelons of the White House thus ruining that person’s career, putting their life in danger and exposing their international contacts, you’d probably …

BAD BOYS Blu-ray Review

     March 4, 2011

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What do you get when you mix the ugly streets of Chicago, youth gone wild and a break out performance by a talented actor at the beginning of his career?  You get one of the best films on teenage delinquency …


     July 13, 2010

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Imagine living in a time where you put forth a theory in which, “…the world stopped believing that God had any sort of plan for us?  Nothing mattered.  Not love, trust, faith – not honor.  Only brute survival.”  Now imagine …


     January 30, 2010

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Whiteout refers to a weather condition in which snow and clouds produce a uniform whiteness, making visibility and objects difficult to see.  A lack of vision is also aptly suited in describing this far-fetched murder mystery starring Kate Beckinsale.  My …


     August 1, 2009

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Based on a true story, The Soloist tells the tragic tale of Nathaniel Ayers, a once promising Julliard student who ends up on the streets of Los Angeles’ skid row.  He is befriended by Steve Lopez – a columnist for …