AVATAR Becomes the First Film to Gross More Than $2 Billion Worldwide

     January 31, 2010


After winning its seventh weekend in a row with a $30 million take, the highest grossing seventh weekend ever, Avatar fulfilled its destiny in becoming the first film to ever exceed $2 billion worldwide.  The film has totaled $1.45 billion overseas and $594.5 million stateside, leaving it $6.3 million shy of Titanic‘s domestic record ($600.8 million); that record will be broken in the next couple days as well.  Avatar seems certain to win its next weekend against relatively light competition, and in doing so would become one of only ten films to win the box office crown for eight consecutive weekends:

For those interested, Avatar still trails Titanic in overall ticket sales.  According to my rough estimates, which attempt to account for higher ticket prices due to inflation and 3D/IMAX surcharges, Titanic sold about 350-400 million tickets when all was said and done, while Avatar has lured upwards of 200 million moviegoers (and counting) to theaters.

Still, seven-going-on-eight weekends in a row is a tremendous feat in any era, and $2 billion is an astounding number that probably won’t be topped until . . . well, Avatar 2.



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