AVATAR Breaks DVD and Blu-ray Records by Selling 6.7 Million Copies in First Four Days

     April 25, 2010


Avatar sold 6.7 million DVD and Blu-rays in its first four days of release in North America.  2.7 million of those were on Blu-ray, shattering the record set by the former champ The Dark Knight, which took 18 months to sell 2.5 million Blu-rays.  Avatar also bested The Dark Knight for opening day sales, selling 3.2 million DVD and Blu-rays over TDK’s 2.7 million overall.  However, Variety notes that when The Dark Knight hit stores in 2008, and the adoption rate of Blu-ray players has increased dramatically in the last two years.  While these sales should surprise no one due to Avatar’s $2.7 billion worldwide gross, it is impressive that so many have bought the film despite the lack of special features (which will be on a set released in November) and in 2D only (the 3D version will hit stores sometime next year).

Hit the jump for Variety’s quick facts about the DVD/Blu-ray’s dominance overseas.

It’s no surprise that a film which grossed such massive worldwide box office would sell like hotcakes in other countries (or whatever that country’s preferred pastry may be).  Here’s some quick numbers from Variety:

* “Avatar” became the biggest pic to launch on DVD and Blu-ray in France with 400,000 discs selling on its first day there. It moved 557,000 discs in two days, besting previous record-holders, “Les Choristes” and “Bienvenue chez les Chtis.” Fox sold 136,000 Blu-ray discs for the movie in two days there, more than “Dark Knight” has sold in 15 months.

* In Germany, the film sold 450,000 discs on its first day, beating out the fifth “Harry Potter” pic, which had dominated the charts in the country.

* The pic became the biggest pre-order of all time for a studio overseas, with 136,000 copies ordered in Germany, 143,000 in Japan and 74,000 in France. Roughly 60% of those were for the Blu-ray.

* And in Mexico, the release was unfortunately hot on the black market, with 3,409 copies of the discs stolen at gunpoint from a delivery truck owned by Technicolor Home Entertainment Services of Mexico.

It will be interesting to see how Avatar continues to sell both domestically and internationally in the weeks ahead.

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