Watch: James Cameron Announces ‘Avatar’ Will Be on Disney+ on Launch Day

     November 1, 2019


If you were wondering how bullish Disney feels on the Avatar franchise following their purchase of Avatar’s home studio 20th Century Fox, the 2009 sci-fi film is getting its own splashy debut on Disney+. While Disney previously unveiled a list of “basically everything” that would be available on the streaming service Disney Plus on launch day, one title was held back so writer/director James Cameron himself could announce it: Avatar.

Indeed, Cameron took time away from shooting the first two of four Avatar sequels that will be made to shoot a little video hipping folks to the fact that the first Avatar movie—which was released a decade ago—will be available on Disney+ when the streaming service launches on November 12th. I assume I will not be alone in the fact that when I inevitably check this out on Disney+, it’ll be the first time I’ve seen the movie since 2009.

The Avatar franchise is incredibly important to Disney’s future. Even before the 20th Century Fox sale, Disney invested a ton of money to build the world of Pandora at its Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World. The attractions there ensure that the Avatar franchise (now under Disney’s control) is now fully experiential, and no doubt Disney hopes the success of Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 will spur further ticket sales for Walt Disney World, merchandise, etc. Who knows, maybe Avatar will one day get its own Disney+ series.

So yeah, on November 12th, if you’re a Disney+ subscriber, you’ll have easy access to watch Avatar whenever you want. How about that.


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