AVATAR Draws Huge Monday Numbers, Again

     December 29, 2009


Pandora may be full of unobtainium, but James Cameron’s Avatar is obtaining plenty of cash at the box office.  The film brought in another $19.4 million on Monday, a figure that is even higher than the $16.3 million it made last Monday.  Numbers this high are normally reserved for a Friday or Saturday, but the Na’vi have pulled in $16+ million every day except Thursday when it bottomed at $11.1 million.  It’s domestic total has now reached $232 million, and after only 11 days, it’s grossed $642 million worldwide.  More on Monday after the jump.

According to Variety, total ticket sales were up 43% from the same Monday last year.  In dollar signs, that’s $60.7 million compared to $42 million a year ago.  Marley & Me topped the box office then with $7.5 million, followed by Bedtime Stories with $6.4 million.

It’s interesting to watch Avatar‘s effect on the box office.  Sherlock Holmes, It’s Complicated, and Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 are performing above expectations as well.  Are they rising because of Avatar, working separately, or helping the alien epic?  Perhaps just a good mix of watchable films and different genres is making this the best holiday season for studios.  I am leaning toward Cameron; I think Avatar rocks. Matt is less enthusiastic. What do you think?



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