Details on AVATAR Extended Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

     September 28, 2010


Director James Cameron has shared a bit here and there about what would be included on the Avatar special edition Blu-ray.  With the November release date fast approaching, it’s about time got some hard info.  In addition to a 2.5 hour behind-the-scenes documentary titled, “Braving New Worlds: A Journey Beyond Avatar,” you can expect 15:54 minutes of extra footage on the extended cut and more than 66 minutes worth of deleted scenes.  Hit the jump for the full details.

avatar_movie_poster_01The following was found over at South African site Take 2:

Disc 1 – Three Movie Versions:

  • Original Theatrical Release
  • Theatrical Special Edition (+8.02 min)
  • Collectors Extended Cut (+15:54 min)

Disc 2 – Filmmakers Journey:

  • Braving New Worlds: A Journey Beyond Avatar (2:30 hours)
  • James Cameron’s visit to Amazon (21 min)
  • 66+ min Deleted Scenes

Disc 3 – Pandora’s Box:

  • 4+ Hours Additional Special Features including Scene Deconstruction
  • Live Extras – Up to one hour content

Not only that, but an Italian listing promises “busto,” “libro,” and “fotogramma,” which roughly translates to a bust statue, a book, and a frame.

If you were one of the millions entranced by Avatar, this should hold you till the sequel, no?

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