AVATAR Producer Jon Landau ShoWest Video Interview – Talks AVATAR DVD/Blu-ray, AVATAR 2, Deleted Scenes, 3D

     March 21, 2010

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On the final day of ShoWest, Avatar producer Jon Landau talked to the press about the upcoming Avatar DVD/Blu-ray, what’s the status of Avatar 2, the re-release of Avatar in theaters, deleted scenes being put back into the movie, and 3D.

The main points were:

  • They are focusing on the special edition Blu-ray as the place for deleted scenes to go back into the movie.  They don’t want 5 or 10 second clips. They want to find entire scenes to put back in.
  • Said they are only going to make Avatar 2 if Cameron writes a script they are happy with.
  • Nothing is certain about an Avatar re-release in theaters.
  • Not sure what they are doing next.

Hit the jump for the video:

Jon Landau

  • The status of rereleasing Avatar in theaters and what would they want to put back into the movie – what deleted scenes
  • They are focusing on the deleted scenes for the home video market
  • They want to find complete scenes to add back in not just 10 second scenes
  • Does he envision an extended cut for the special edition DVD/Blu-ray
  • 2:28 – Is there enough time to do The Dive before Avatar 2 – they are only going to make an Avatar 2 if they are happy with the script.
  • 3:40 – 3D talk

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