AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Director Joss Whedon Talks His First Cut and Easter Eggs

     April 14, 2015


It’s been said that a movie is made three times: once on the page, once on the set, and once in the editing room. First cuts on studio films are usually much longer than the final version, and Marvel movies are no exception.

During his interview with Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon, Steve asked about the first cut of the movie, how much was whittled down, and if that means we’ll be seeing a lot of deleted scenes. Watch the video below:



Image via Disney

Since Steve and Whedon had a quick back-and-forth, you can read the quick transcription:

How long was your first cut?


JOSS WHEDON: About [3 hours, 15 minutes] which is where I thought it was going to end up.


You’re being serious?


WHEDON: No, the first one came in at three—on the first movie—and we got it down to 2:15. This one came in at 3:15, and we got it down to 2:14.


Was that an assembly cut?




So how many meaty deleted scenes are in there?


WHEDON: Quite a few.


Will those see the light of day?


WHEDON: They’ll see the light of DVD, most of them.


Like 10 minutes-ish? Twenty?


WHEDON: Honestly, I’m not positive. A goodly sum.

Steve also asked about Easter eggs, which have almost become a standard for big franchise movies so that fans will keep coming and combing over the picture. However, Whedon says that he was too exhausted to cram in minor stuff meant only for die-hard, eagle-eyed fans:


Image via Disney

Are there any hidden Easter eggs people might want to keep their eyes out for?

WHEDON: Yeah, there aren’t a ton of Easter eggs. It’s so hard for me to make a movie, especially this movie, I don’t spend a lot of time going, “You know what else would be hilarious?!” I’m more like, “Was the gun in the frame? Oh my God, I’m so tired.” I mean I would leave set every day and go home and write because it wasn’t quite right; it wasn’t quite finished. It needed to be better. So not a ton.

So rather than look in the margins of the movie or suss out double-meanings in the dialogue, sit back and enjoy the full film.

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