AVENGERS 2 and DISTRICT 9 Sequel Updates from Directors Joss Whedon and Neill Blomkamp

     July 13, 2012


With Joss Whedon’s Firefly reunion panel being one of the most well-received Comic-Con events in recent memory, some of the director’s other works may have been overshadowed for a moment.  It takes quite a bit to drown out The Avengers, so a perfect question for Whedon would be to ask about the status of The Avengers 2 and whether or not he’ll be back for the sequel.  More on that after the jump.

Another visionary director in the person of Neill Blomkamp (District 9) was on hand at Comic-Con today to showcase his current project, Elysium.  While we’ll have more on the Matt Damon-starrer in a bit, Blomkamp did comment on his upcoming projects, including a sequel to District 9.  Hit the jump to read more about what’s next from Whedon and Blomkamp and be sure to stay up to date with our continuing Comic-Con coverage here.

the-avengers-2-sequel joss-whedonFirst up, let’s talk The Avengers 2 and the status of Whedon.  Deadline reports that he fielded this very question during a press conference for the Firefly panel, saying:

“I have not come to a decision on directing Avengers 2 yet.  I am having too much fun with this (Firefly reunion) now.”

So, it’s non-committal, but it’s also not an outright rejection.  I say let the man have his 10th anniversary of Firefly; The Avengers 2 will wait.

Now, for a story with slightly more meat to it, The Playlist reported on Blomkamp’s next picture.  While a sequel to District 9 is in the mix, it won’t be the next picture.  The film that takes that honor will probably be the sci-fi comedy Chappie.  Here’s what Blomkamp had to say:

“I wrote ‘Elysium’ on my own, but I wrote ‘Chappie’ with Terri [Tatchell], that was written at the same time. It’s like a fundamentally more simple story, a comedy, a heartfelt story, in a science fiction setting. And it’s fucking hilarious, it’s a really cool film. I can say that with confidence … It’s a smaller film, a more esoteric one.  It may very well be my next project.  It probably will be. But A) I wanna take some time off, and B) you need to know for sure that that’s what you’re going to do for X number of years. I have another idea for a horror, and for a comedy, but they’re way less fleshed out than ‘Chappie.’ ‘Chappie”s ready to go, and I think ‘Chappie”s what I’m making. But I’m gonna take some time to make sure.”

Neill-Blomkamp-district-9-sequelBlomkamp also commented on working with Peter Jackson again as well as tidbits about a District 9 sequel, saying:

“The obvious place to work with him again,” Blomkamp said, “is on ‘District 10,’ or ‘District 8,‘ whatever you wanna call it, however, I’m not sure I’m making that film. It would be cool, but these films take two or three years to make, and the investments are so extreme, you can’t accurately predict where you’ll be a few years from now, I believe. If you’re not creatively invested in it, you’re making a mistake, and that creative investment happens day to day. So I don’t know when that feeling for a ‘District Whatever’ film happens.”

Let’s enjoy Elysium when it debuts next March and then we’ll worry about future projects.


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