Jeremy Renner Reveals His ‘Avengers 4’ Filming Start Date

     August 3, 2017


With Avengers: Infinity War slated to hit next May and then Avengers 4 the following May, there’s not much rest for the cast. Infinity War wrapped filming a few weeks ago, which was just enough time for the cast to promote the film at D23 and Comic-Con before having to leap back into filming for Avengers 4.

I recently spoke to Jeremy Renner last week for his new film, Wind River, and I asked him when he had to suit up again for his role as Hawkeye/Clint Barton:

When do you go back for Avengers 4?


JEREMY RENNER: Like 10 days.


Oh, wow.


RENNER: Two weeks. Something like that.


Image via Marvel

It makes sense what they’re not wasting any time trying to get the Avengers movies done. It’s a massive cast, a huge logistical nightmare in terms of scheduling everyone, and the more time there is between movies, the more time the cast has to fill in that space with other projects that could potentially run long or provide new difficulties.

The original plan for the Avengers sequels was to shoot them concurrently, so that on one day you might be shooting something for Avengers 3 and then the next day you’re shooting something for Avengers 4. However, before they started filming, they realized that was too crazy to accomplish, and decided to just shoot the sequels back-to-back.

For Renner, he’s basically been filling his time just by sticking around Georgia. He’s gone from Avengers: Infinity War to the comedy Tag back to Avengers 4, and all three movies are shooting in Georgia.

Also, if you’re worried that knowing he’ll be back for Avengers 4 diminishes the stakes of Avengers: Infinity War, keep in mind that with the Infinity Stones in play, anything can happen, and it’s more important to keep track of the character arcs rather than who lives or dies. Yes, knowing he would be in Captain America: Civil War before Avengers: Age of Ultron came out informed us that he would probably survive Age of Ultron, but that didn’t take away from the movie providing a more detailed look at his character.

Avengers: Infinity War opens May 4, 2018, and look for my full interview with Renner soon. Wind River opens in limited release on Friday.

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