No, Marvel’s ‘Avengers 4’ Hasn’t Changed Its Release Date Yet

     July 30, 2018


Some reports have been circulating today, speculating that Disney and Marvel would be moving their Untitled Avengers Film release date from the previously set May 3, 2019 opening to an earlier date in April. The source for this speculation was IMAX’s quarterly financial report, but that’s about as deep as the write-ups dove before running the story. Their justification was that “the majority of movies on the IMAX schedule are organized by domestic release dates”, but that’s not entirely accurate.

Currently, the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War is set to open in France on April 24, 2019; Germany on April 25, 2019; and in the U.K. on April 26, 2019. The rest of the international rollout starts on May 2nd, while those of us here in the U.S. will see the second chapter of the highly anticipated superhero smash-em-up on May 3, 2019. So since IMAX is releasing Marvel’s currently untitled film in some territories in April, their quarterly report reflects just that fact, not some veiled, secret release date shift that Disney/Marvel themselves haven’t announced.

avengers-4-release-dateNow that’s not to say the mega-movie studio won’t shift the release date within the next 10 months or so to line up a day-and-date release. The multi-billion-dollar MCU franchise has been running like a well-oiled machine for a decade now and they know how to do a rollout. Avengers: Infinity War had a staggered release earlier this year that saw most of the world having access to the film before American audiences, though it was only a matter of days rather than a week. So while Disney/Marvel might shore things up in the future, an IMAX report listing a currently announced release date doesn’t equal Americans getting to see the movie a few days earlier. Sorry.

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