Do-It-Yourself AVENGERS Costumes

     May 6, 2012


By now, I’m sure you know The Avengers opened this weekend to ridiculous numbers; many of you probably stood in line on Thursday before midnight to see it.  Sure, there were the few people in Marvel attire (and the occasional rando in a batman t-shirt), but I didn’t see anyone in a full-blown costume.  Maybe a suit of Mark VII armor is too expensive to make, you say, or that security wouldn’t let you inside with a viking helmet and a giant hammer.  Maybe your physique doesn’t lend itself to being half-nude and painted green or stuffed into a form-fitting black leather one-piece.  Well, I have good news for you, my crafty friends!  In a sponsorship deal for The Avengers, Farmers Insurance (of all people) have some do-it-yourself costume guides tailor-made to each of your favorite superheroes.  Just in time for Comic-Con 2012! Hit the jump to check them out.

Here are the DIY Avengers costume guides after a brief video from Farmers (via Facebook):

And unless your Iron Man costume can top this guy, don’t even think about it:

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