‘Avengers: Endgame’ Deleted Scene Has Tony Stark Meeting His Adult Daughter

     November 12, 2019


A cool thing about Disney+ is that some of the films have bonus features. It’s not quite as robust as what you would get if you bought the film for its home release, but it’s still nice that these scenes are there, and some are even exclusive to Disney+. For example, for a while now we’ve known that Katherine Langford was cast in Avengers: Endgame, but her scene was cut. The scene would have been Langford playing an adult Morgan Stark, who talks to her father Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) when they’re in the “waystation”, the place the Soul Stone sends you after you snap your fingers and use all the Infinity Stones.

The scene is on Disney+ with director’s commentary from the Russo Brothers, and they explain that while the scene was intended to be emotional and cathartic, it didn’t achieve this for multiple purposes. For starters, the scene was too similar to when Tony gives his own eulogy via his hologram. Second, they found that including it created a symptom of “too many endings” when you keep trying to hit a resolution, but it just makes the film longer. Finally, viewers would have no emotional connection to the adult Morgan since they had never seen her before.

One thing they don’t mention, but I think is a key difference and another reason for the scene’s removal, is that it shows Tony’s action is different than Thanos. For Thanos, the action still carries doubt and guilt. There’s the questioning from young Gamora, hence the “unresolved” issue that’s never really resolved by anything other than Thanos showing he cares more about population control than the life of his daughter. When you don’t have that scene for Tony, it shows more confidence and commitment in his action, further separating him from the villain.

The scene is well-intentioned, and I completely understand why they filmed it. But in the end, they were right to leave it on the cutting room floor and have it stand as a curiosity for fans.

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