Joe Russo Shares Crowd Reaction to ‘Endgame’ Moment and Man, We Miss Movie Theaters

     April 29, 2020


The last film I saw in theaters before the coronavirus-induced quarantine was The Invisible Man. I saw it on March 8. And every day since then, I have missed the shit out of going to a movie theater. I didn’t know exactly how much I missed the shit out of it until the Russo Brothers posted this iPhone-captured video of that exquisite Iron Man snap moment in Avengers: Endgame as experienced by an opening night crowd.


Image via Marvel

Since the film is celebrating its first anniversary, the Russos have been sharing all kinds of never-before-seen BTS footage in a delightful trip down MCU memory lane. Some of them have made me happy. This made me equal parts joyful and melancholic in a strangely dramatic way. From moment one of the minute-long clip, in which Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) holds up a “one” to Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), silently illustrating this is the one universe where the heroes win, I was enthralled. Not just by the film clip, which still absolutely works. But from an audience member you can hear go, “This is the one.” Palpable excitement in their voice, a 1:1 emotional understanding of the filmmakers’ intentions.

From that point on, we’re off to the races. They laugh when they’re supposed to, clap when they’re supposed to, and absolutely roar on “I am Iron Man.” It is, inadvertently, a powerful testament to the power of communal experiences. It makes me miss the absolute hell out of movie theaters. And man, do I hope we live in the one universe where we’ll get to experience it all again soon.

Check out the Russo Brothers’ video below, and don’t worry if you get a little dusty-eyed yourself. For more from the Brothers, here’s our roundup of every other morsel they’ve shared recently.

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