‘Avengers: Endgame’: Seriously, Who Is that Kid?

     July 26, 2019


[With Avengers: Endgame now on Digital HD, we’re re-posting this article from the film’s theatrical release.]

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame.

I pride myself on not only having seen all the Marvel movies, but also having seen almost all of them at least more than once. I’ve written about most of them at length, ranked them, and most of all, I enjoy most of them. I’d say I’m a fan. But holy shit, I was at a complete loss when they showed that one kid standing by himself at Tony Stark’s funeral.

During the funeral scene, the camera pushes back and we see all the lives Tony Stark touched and as the camera pushes through, you recognize everybody. You see Hank Pym, you see T’Challa, you see all these recognizable MCU faces, and then there’s this teenager just standing by himself, and you’re like, “Who’s that guy?” I honestly thought for a bit that it was someone who had won a walk-on role in a contest.

But no! Eagle eyed viewers and people who understand how age works knew that the lone teenager was none other than Ty Simpkins, who played the lovable scamp Harley Keener in 2013’s Iron Man 3. Simpkins, now 17, looks significantly different than he did six years ago, which is how the passage of time works on adolescents.

While it’s a bit confusing in the moment, it’s a really nice touch that they brought Harley back for the funeral. If that scene is meant to convey all the lives Tony Stark touched when he chose to become Iron Man back in 2008, then it’s essential for Harley to be in the scene since he’s such an important part of Iron Man 3. You may not recognize him at first, but once you know it’s him, you’ll agree that he should be there.

Note: This article was initially published at a prior date, but in advance of Avengers: Endgame’s release on Digital HD on July 30th, we’re highlighting our spoiler-filled Endgame content.

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