Zoe Saldana Says the Guardians Bring Levity to the “Quite Dramatic” ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

     April 18, 2017

While Marvel Studios is poised to have a pretty exciting 2017 with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok, the studio is currently in production on its biggest undertaking yet: Avengers: Infinity War and the untitled Avengers 4. Both sequels are being shot simultaneously in Atlanta with Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo directing, and the films aim to serve as the culmination of the MCU thus far, bringing together literally every superhero in the Marvel universe to battle Josh Brolin’s angry Thanos.

This includes the Guardians of the Galaxy, who will meet the Avengers and other MCU characters for the first time in Infinity War. So when Collider’s own Steve Weintraub spoke with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Zoe Saldana at the press day for the Marvel sequel, he asked about her experience working with the Russo brothers on Infinity War. The actress praised the filmmakers and teased that the Guardians will bring some much-needed levity to the high stakes drama of the Infinity War story:

“[The Russos are] fantastic. I’m a sucker for siblings that work together and make it work. I’m one of three sisters and we have our own production company. They do a fantastic job. They’re not shying away from the drama that an undertaking [that involves] bringing all the characters in the Marvel universe together is going to be for them. And they’re understanding the dramatic beats and they’re showcasing it, and obviously it’s gonna have a lot of action and everything, but also as Guardians being a part of it, we’re providing that levity and I think that it’s gonna make the movies more interesting.”


Image via Marvel

Saldana revealed that she and her fellow Guardians were involved in the very first day of shooting on Infinity War and discussed the daunting prospect while also underlining how dramatic the film and its sequel will be:

“We’re kind of like in shock. It’s too big. In theory your mind going in you’re like, ‘This is too big. I hope I’m not overstimulated and overwhelmed by its immensity,’ because it’s very big. But to know what they’re doing and the direction that they’re taking, I felt super excited very early on. And I love that the fact that the Guardians were keeping our authentic voices, and that’s gonna be really what’s gonna make our introduction—our participation—special. I love what they’re doing with the rest of the Avengers and their characters and their storylines. It’s gonna be quite dramatic and amazing.”

Indeed, with something as big as the Infinity War right there in the title, you can bet things are going to get dramatic, and one imagines that when the dust settles not every major MCU player will still be alive.

Look for more from Steve’s interviews on Collider soon. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens in theaters on May 5th.

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