Marvel Fans Have Determined the Deadliest (and Most Innocent) Avengers

     August 24, 2018


The cause of the most major rift among the characters of the MCU was the fallout from the Battle of Sokovia, where everyone had to finally acknowledge that the Avengers cause a lot of collateral damage. How many people have been killed as a result of their world-wide (and beyond) brawling? Well, that’s hard to say. But when it comes to the individuals who make up the Avengers, their allies, and their foes, it’s a little easier to track. And that is exactly what some Marvel fans have done in a thread on the Marvel Studios subreddit.

The resulting spreadsheet is a pretty fascinating one. When it comes to titular heroes, the only two whose hands are clean are Spider-Man and Wasp, neither of which are all that surprising. Wasp essentially just made her debut, and Spider-Man is a child. More surprising, perhaps, is that the three trained government agents with a license to kill — Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America — do not have any direct kills on their hands, though they do have some assists. As the spreadsheet notes, many of the individual deaths in the MCU come with some help, but direct kills by main heroes are more rare (until Infinity War, when the gloves were off).

In terms of Avengers without their own movies, Scarlet Witch is the deadliest killer, but perhaps the most mind-boggling stat is that Avengers-ally Pepper Potts is as lethal as Killmonger, in terms of direct kills. And, she took out two of the three main baddies in the Iron Man movies — all without a suit or special powers of her own. She just gets it done.

The spreadsheet also tracks the method of murder, as it were, and other than Thanos snappin’, stabbings (via sword or other means) are pretty darn popular. But, we’ll have to see how the next round of movies leading up to (and through) Infinity War Part 2 might change things …

(h/t to THR)

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