THE AVENGERS Garners Positive Response on Twitter after Last Night’s Premiere; Plus Almost 100 Photos from the Red Carpet

     April 12, 2012


The Avengers held its premiere in Los Angeles last night, and movie bloggers were in attendance.  Full reviews are embargoed (although probably not for long), but tweeting was A-OK, and so a flood of tweets were unleashed.  Besides, who wants to read a full review when you can get the opinion in 140 characters or less!

Hit the jump to read the positive things movie bloggers had to say about the movie. The rest of us will get to see The Avengers on May 4th.

Also, here’s what Edgar Wright, Seth Green, and Damon Lindelof had to say about the flick:

And thanks to Disney, here’s almost 100 pictures from the premiere:


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