Ultron Is Drunk, Hilarious When Dubbed with James Spader’s Robert California Dialogue

     October 9, 2015


My biggest knock on Avengers: Age of Ultron title villain was that James Spader wasn’t playing an 8-foot-tall super-intelligent robot, he was playing James Spader. Evidence to that fact comes by way of a hilarious new video that mashes up scenes of Ultron squaring off against the Avengers with dialogue dubbed in from Spader’s character on NBC’s The Office, the one and only Robert California.

Stepping in to fill the shoes of Michael Scott (Steve Carell), California was the former CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre who doled out amazing bits of inspirational advice and sardonic criticisms in turn. In another life, Spader/California became Ultron, the crazed robot bent on human extermination and world domination. Finally, with this new video, we get to see that dream realized. Spader’s cadence and inflection are perfectly suited for a more inebriated and confused take on Ultron than the cold, calculating robot we were supposed to see in the movie. Couldn’t you just see Ultron and Tony Stark kicking back and enjoying a few hard-earned drinks while discussing quantum mechanics? I’d watch that version all day long.

Watch “Ultron California” below, courtesy of Red Letter Media (via /Film):

And if you need a bit of background on Spader’s Robert California, here’s a great (but long) compilation of some of his best scenes:

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