HBO’s ‘Avenue 5’ Trailer Promises Lots of ‘Veep’-Style Hijinks in Space

     November 18, 2019


If you’re been looking for something to pull you out of your “Veep is over” funk or you’re a fan of Hugh Laurie or you’re just looking for a good laugh, then HBO’s Avenue 5 has you covered. The first official teaser trailer for Avenue 5 has been released and with it comes a new comedic vision from Veep series creator Armando Iannucci.

Avenue 5 takes it name from the title of a cruise ship-like spaceship sailing through the cosmos. It looks like space tourism is a thing of the future and Laurie’s Captain Ryan Clark (can you believe we live in the timeline we a man named Hugh plays a character named Ryan?) is overseeing things on this particular ship. Things go from chill to very awry very quickly when a technical malfunction sends the Avenue 5 into chaos, which then leads to chaos on board. The trailer also introduces the rest of the crew and some passengers who all partake in the Avenue 5’s breakdown, like rich jerk Herman Judd (Josh Gad), Ryan’s trusty advisor Iris Kimura (Suzy Nakamura), an engineer named Billie McEvoy (Leonora Crichlow), and a passenger named Matt Spencer (Zach Woods).

The big thing you’ll notice right out of the gate with the  Avenue 5 teaser is that it has a less acerbic tone than Veep. Considering this is an Iannucci joint, that’s especially surprising since the Veep creator injected his Emmy-winning series with a healthy does of sourness to go along with the laughs. This comparatively lighter tone is most present in Laurie’s Captain Ryan Clark, who casually jokes to an Avenue 5 guest, “Set your phasers to fun!” Whatever this show is going to be, count me in because I want anything and everything from the mind of Iannucci.

Avenue 5 lands on HBO in January 2020. Make sure to check out what else is coming to HBO in 2020 with their recent preview roundup.