Awesome Fake Video Games: Atari 2600 Covers Based on Modern Movies Like AVATAR, THE DARK KNIGHT, WALL-E

     February 7, 2010

Retro Games With Modern Themes Lost, The Dark Knight and Avatar.jpg

Now this is just awesome.  Someone at penneydesign has imagined what modern movies and TV shows would have looked like as video games if they had been made back in the late ’70’s.   While they designed the game covers for a fake system called the CVS 2600  Cartridge Video System, it’s clear the covers are designed for the Atari 2600.  The fake games are Batman: The Dark Knight, Cloverfield, James Cameron’s Avatar, Lost, Prison Break, Snakes on a Plane, The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift and Wall-E.

What’s also great about the covers is the way they’ve added fake stickers, price tags and writing.  On The Dark Knight cover the writing says:

David & Mary Merry XMas ’78.  This is to share! Love Aunt Julie

If you ever played the Atari 2600 or just want to see some awesome fake video game covers, hit the jump.

A big thank you to Jack for finding this.

And one last video game link before you go…someone has taken pictures of every video game system ever made and listed them in order of release.  I’m a video game junkie and hadn’t seen some of them.  Definitely worth checking out.  Go here to see them.

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