Ansel Elgort and Edgar Wright Tease ‘Baby Driver 2’ Likely Happening Soon

     July 30, 2019


As the days go by, it feels more and more likely that Baby Driver 2 might actually happen. Writer/director Edgar Wright’s music-driven action film Baby Driver received positive reviews, enthusiastic audience response, and even three Oscar nominations when it was released in 2017. Bolstered by the $226.9 million worldwide gross of the R-rated film, Sony Pictures asked Wright to think about penning a sequel to the original film, and he obliged.

The last update we had on Baby Driver 2 came last summer, when Wright tweeted on the film’s one-year anniversary that Baby could “get back on the road soon.” And now both Wright and star Ansel Elgort are teasing that the sequel is moving closer to becoming a reality.

Speaking with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Elgort revealed that Wright has shown him the Baby Driver 2 script (confirming that it’s written), adding “I think it’s gonna happen.” The actor—who’s currently in the midst of filming the lead role in Steven Spielberg’s musical West Side Story—was tight-lipped and seemingly concerned about what he was and wasn’t allowed to say, but he did add that the follow-up is not titled “Baby Driver 2.”

Wright, meanwhile, took a break from shooting his next movie—a psychological thriller horror film called Last Night in Soho—to answer some questions on Twitter, and here’s what he had to say when asked about Baby Driver 2:

Those planets would be the busy schedules of Wright, Elgort, and whoever else is brought back for the sequel (presumably Lily James?). Wright hasn’t even wrapped Last Night in Soho yet and will then head into post-production, while Elgort recently signed on to lead a 10-episode TV series for WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service called Tokyo Vice. Production dates for that show haven’t yet been confirmed, but it has Destin Daniel Cretton directing, who’s about to be very busy making the Marvel movie Shang-Chi for the next two years, so that one could be a ways off.

So best case scenario here, Baby Driver 2 is prepped and ready to shoot after Wright releases Last Night in Soho—or possibly before, if Focus Features wants to hold the film for a fall 2020 release. Or another scenario would be for Wright to hand directing duties off to someone else, and simply produce and write the sequel.

It’s unclear exactly when Baby Driver 2 will happen and in what form, but given these recent statements by Elgort and Wright, it’s clear there’s definitely intention and movement behind making it happen, so we could be seeing it in theaters sooner rather than later. Given how rousing, original, and compelling the first Baby Driver is—not to mention a terrific showcase for Wright’s skills as an action director—here’s hoping it happens.

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