‘Baby Driver’: First Images Reveal Edgar Wright’s Highly Anticipated Actioner

     December 23, 2016


Consider it an early Christmas present: the first official images from Edgar Wright’s next film, Baby Driver, have arrived! The project materialized after Wright departed Marvel’s Ant-Man, as he set about crafting an entirely original action crime film with a musical twist. Ansel Elgort stars as the titular getaway driver they call Baby. He suffers from crippling tinnitus that causes a ringing in his ears, and in an effort to drown out the excruciating sound, he listens to music during the getaways. But as crafted by Wright, all of the film’s action is choreographed to the beat of the soundtrack playing in the ears of Elgort’s character—gun shots, footsteps, etc.

As Wright tells EW, he’s had an idea of doing a movie along these lines for a while now:

“I always wanted to do an action movie that was powered by music. It’s something that’s very much a part of my previous films and I thought of this idea of how to take that a stage further by having a character who listens to music the entire time. So, you have this young getaway driver who has to soundtrack his entire existence, particularly the bank robberies and fast getaways that come afterwards.”


Image via TriStar Pictures

Wright declined to go into specifics about the songs that play throughout the film, but he did tease that there are about 35 tracks in the movie that range “from the very famous to more obscure,” adding, “It’s supposed to reflect the character’s extremely eclectic taste in music.”

Indeed, many of Wright’s films have been driven by music, either implicitly or explicitly. Even the sound design of something like Spaced stands out, and Wright refined his approach to blending digetic and non-digetic sound in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, building to a culmination with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. One could go so far as to describe Scott Pilgrim as a musical given that music plays such an integral role in that film—especially the action sequences.

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