Baby Yoda Merch Is Officially Here and Unlike Baby Yoda, It Is Terrible

     November 26, 2019

the-mandalorian-baby-yoda-sliceIn the years to come, one of the great mysteries we’ll look back on and ponder with utter bewilderment will be Disney’s absolute bungling of Baby Yoda merch for The Mandalorian. It remains objectively hilarious that Disney did not anticipate the internet—a place literally founded on videos of adorable cats getting into misadventures—falling deeply in love with a tiny green boi wearing a to-scale jacket and getting into outer-space scraps. Spoilers are spoilers, but merch bearing the face of this cherubic lil’ ragamuffin probably should’ve hit shelves, ahem, a long time ago.

Anyway, Baby Yoda merch is now available and it sucks Mudhorn eggs.


Image via Jon Favreau/Lucasfilm

In a whopper of a decision, Disney and Lucasfilm opted to just sort’ve slap that recently-released concept art on to whatever. On some level I love it in all its bald-faced money-grabbin’ glory, because sometimes even a mega-corporation has to hire the local t-shirt shop to kinda’ crop the art it had lying around in time for Christmas. However, Baby Yoda, an icon, our beautiful green son, deserves better.

For those unaware of what The Mandalorian is about, A) How confused are you right now? B) Developed by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the series stars Pedro Pascal as a Mandalorian bounty hunter working in the aftermath of the Empire’s fall. Hired to procure a bounty by a mysterious presence known only as The Client (Werner Herzog), the Mandalorian finds himself taking care of a small alien baby who bears more than a passing resemblance to the late Jedi legend, Yoda.

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