New ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ Series Is Coming to Netflix with ‘GLOW’ Showrunner

     February 28, 2019


Netflix has announced the one and only reboot we need: The Baby-Sitters Club! The streaming service has ordered a 10-episode live-action series Ann M. Martin’s best-selling books, which follow the lives of a group of friends in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, and Dawn Schafer will be back, though no other characters have yet been mentioned, which makes it sound like it will start from the very beginning with “Kristy’s Great Idea.”

According to Netflix, “The family-friendly adaptation comes from Walden Media and Michael De Luca, who will executive produce. De Luca Productions’ Lucy Kitada will also serve as an executive producer. Rachel Shukert (GLOW) will serve as showrunner and Lucia Aniello (Broad City) will serve as director and executive producer. Ann M. Martin and Walden Media’s Naia Cucukov will produce.”

baby-sitters-club-bookMartin said of the new series, “I’m amazed that there are so many passionate fans of The Baby-Sitters Club after all these years, and I’m honored to continue to hear from readers – now grown, who have become writers, editors, teachers, librarians, filmmakers – who say that they see a reflection of themselves in the characters of Kristy and her friends. So I’m very excited about the forthcoming series on Netflix, which I hope will inspire a new generation of readers and leaders everywhere.”

For girls growing up in the 80s and 90s — and ever since — the Baby-Sitters Club books were a very important part of growing up. (I would argue that The Saddle Club books don’t get as much respect as they should, and are worthy of an adaptation, but that’s for another day!) The books became a series in the early 90s (with a catchy theme song I still recite:  “say hello to your friends…”), as well as an underrated movie in 1995. This new series could not come at a better time, and I’m especially excited about Shukert’s involvement since GLOW has proved she knows how to handle a large cast of characters and their many stories with warmth and humor.

Regarding the new adaptation, Melissa Cobb, vice president of Kids & Family at Netflix, said: “The themes of The Baby-Sitters Club still resonate 30 years after the original book series was released and there has never been a more opportune time to tell an aspirational story about empowering young female entrepreneurs. Together with Ann M. Martin and the team at Walden Media, our ambition is to contemporize the storylines and adventures of this iconic group of girlfriends to reflect modern-day issues.”

Bring it on!


Image via Columbia Pictures