Watch This DIY ‘Back to the Future’ Sequel Made In Quarantine by 300 People Across Nine Countries

     April 9, 2020

If it’s two things we could really use right now, it’s new movies and communal joy. (And okay maybe a vaccine for COVID-19 would land somewhere pretty high on that list.) For a healthy dose of both, feast your eyes on Project 88 – Back to the Future Too, a completely fan-made feature-length sequel to Back to the Future Part 2 created by more than 300 people from nine countries, all from the safety of their individual quarantines.

“The idea was to split the movie into 88 scenes,” reads the film’s description, “and find people from around the world to recreate those scenes using whatever they had on hand during the various stay-at-home and physical distancing guidelines that were in place at the time (March 2020). Each team was given 1 week to complete their scene.”

I cannot stress enough how delightfully DIY the finished product is, from the opening Universal logo made from stuff you can find at a Michael’s to the segment acted out entirely by cats. I love this absurd thing. Sometimes humanity is cool.

Check out the full movie below (h/t Slashfilm). For a few non-fan made movies you can stream afterward, head over to our master list of the best movies on Netflix right now.

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