The Entire Biff Tannen Museum Promotional Video from BACK TO THE FUTURE: PART II

     November 15, 2010


Here’s a little gem for Back to the Future fans that has never seen the light of  day until now. You may or may not have seen Back to the Future: Part II enough times to clearly recall a short promotional video playing at the entrance to the ‘Biff Tannen Museum and Casino’ in the second film. Well has posted the full unseen video, a three and a half minute biography of Biff Tannen, featuring Biff Tannen (Thomas Wilson) and Lorraine Baines (Lea Thompson). The Daily What reports that the footage was obtained by a fan with family links to the film’s production, who managed to acquire the clip on VHS and has held on to it all these years! Amazingly, and perhaps disappointingly, the video is not featured on any commercial releases of the film, “including the recently released 25th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray Disc and DVD boxed sets”.

While it’s not exactly laugh out loud funny, the video is a fantastic and amusing piece of historical footage nonetheless, and a must-see for fans who clamour for more Hill Valley alternate history. Hit the jump for the Biff Tannen Museum biographical video.

Video courtesy of via The Daily What.


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