First Look at the New BACK TO THE FUTURE Video Game

     September 1, 2010


As the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future rolls on, the news just keeps coming. In June, we reported that Telltale Games would be making a brand new game based on the classic 1985 time travel hit and now a newly revealed image provides the first taste of what the game might hold. In addition to an image of the main characters, co-writer and producer for the series, Bob Gale, told the paper that the plot of the game will be based on five “episodes” and that the DeLorean, Hill Valley and various characters from the movie will appear.  Also, Christopher Lloyd will return to provide the voice of Doc Brown.

Add this to the fact that the UK is getting a theatrical re-release, the brand new Blu-rays are coming out,and a week-long celebration is happening in Los Angeles and Back to the Future seems to be just as popular as it was 25 years ago.

But, did you know this isn’t the first time Marty and Doc have appeared in a video game? Hit the jump to see the reason why Telltale Games had to give this franchise a game worthy of the name Back to the Future.

Image via USA Today.


In 1989, a Back to the Future game was actually released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. And while we know that isn’t news, there’s a chance some of you don’t have an idea of how bad it was and how it had NOTHING to do with the film. Well, check out this video and thank the film gods that it seems we have a much better version of this film coming to video games systems soon.

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