BAD BOYS 3: Joe Carnahan In Talks to Write, Possibly Direct

     June 9, 2015


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, y’all — Bad Boys 3 is still alive. About a year ago, we heard that Martin Lawrence was still interested in pursuing a third installment of the franchise, and David Guggenheim was working on a script. According to Deadline, that draft is now apparently being looked over by Joe Carnahan, who is in possible talks to write and/or direct the possible film.


Image via Columbia Pictures

Surely part of the film’s viability revolves around whether or not Will Smith will be able to return. Word is that the studio is looking to have everything in place for Bad Boys 3 soon enough that Smith might be able to slot it in after Suicide Squad.

As for Carnahan, he would be taking the reins from the director of the first two films, Michael Bay. But Carnahan has cut his teeth both on well-received low-budget films such as The Grey, and big-budget action franchises like The A-Team, which might make him a good fit.

Of course, these are still early days, and anything is possible. About a year ago, producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Collider that they were hoping to have a script within a few months, which has clearly not been the case. So will it stick this time? Will the Bad Boys be revived (along with everything else?) And are you happy or sad Michael Bay may not return to his home franchise? Most importantly … is the shit about to get real?


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