First ‘Bad Boys for Life’ Poster Begs You to Fill in the Background

     October 2, 2019


Sony Pictures has released the first Bad Boys for Life poster. The film brings back Miami PD detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) as they team up for one last ride and train a group of new recruits to take down some bad guys.

The trailer for the film wasn’t bad, but this poster could not be more of a shrug. It feels like an obligation rather than something to get you excited for the next Bad Boys movie. You’ve got Smith and Lawrence solemnly looking down at their guns against a blank backdrop. The thing is, the Bad Boys movies have never been “serious” action movies. Yes, you believe that Mike and Marcus care about each other, but even that is done in a kind of lighthearted, flippant kind of way. Looking for honest emotion in a Bad Boys movie is like trying to find water in the desert. The movies (at least when they were directed by Michael Bay) are big, bombastic, and silly. This poster looks like it was done by someone who has never seen a Bad Boys movie before.

Check out the Bad Boys for Life poster below. The films opens January 17, 2020 and also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Paola Nunez, Kate Del Castillo, Nicky Jam, and Joe Pantoliano.


Here’s the brief logline for Bad Boys for Life:

The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.

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