‘Bad Hair’ Trailer Reveals Justin Simien’s Uniquely Follicle-Fueled Horror

     August 13, 2020


Justin Simien‘s Dear White People is a film with bite. A stinging satire that feels both fiercely topical and sadly timeless, one that had so much influence it inspired a whole dang Netflix spinoff series of the same name. Now, we’ve got our first look at Simien’s next film follow-up. And reader? I am excited. Bad Hair has a first trailer, and it’s coming to Hulu on October 23, and that Halloween-ish release date is not a coincidence, as Simien seems ready to hurl a slice of horror goodness at us.

Elle Lorraine stars as a career woman in the cutthroat, burgeoning world of music television (oh, did I not mention this takes place in the ’80s? The production and costume design will clue you in quickly). To get ahead, she decides to treat her natural hair and put in a straightened weave, all for the purpose of having a more “broadly appealing” image on TV. But what happens when her weave seems to have a mind of its own? Seems to… possess her? The trailer hints at some of the wild, incisive, and disorienting imagery on display, while also giving us quite the eclectic ensemble cast: Vanessa Williams, Lena Waithe, Laverne Cox, Jay Pharoah, Blair Underwood, James Van Der Beek and friggin’ R&B superstars Usher and Kelly Rowland! Sign me the absolute heck up.

Check out the Bad Hair trailer in all its disquieting, socially muckraking glory below, alongside its official synopsis. The film comes to Hulu October 23. For more on the film, here’s our Sundance review.

In this horror satire set in 1989, BAD HAIR follows an ambitious young woman (Elle Lorraine) who gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. However, her flourishing career comes at a great cost when she realizes that her new hair may have a mind of its own.

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