‘Ballers’ Season 2 Trailer Sets Dwayne Johnson Against Andy Garcia

     June 3, 2016


It hasn’t been long since we last saw Dwayne Johnson‘s Spencer Strasmore, the lead character of HBO’s sports-business dramedy Ballers, so it’s a bit surprising to know that we’re a little over a month away from the return of the series. The second season of the show, which centers on Strasmore and his partner, Joe (Rob Corddry), as they attempt to build a name as the best sports agents in the game, will come back on July 17th, and now we have our first clear look at what we should expect from the new season via a new trailer that heavily features Johnson in nice suits.


Image via HBO

The only other real tangible thing about this season is Joe and Strasmore squaring off with Andy Garcia‘s character, a well-known, all-powerful agent who clearly is not pleased with the ascension of the duo’s business. There’s also a good clear shot of Richard Schiff, of The West Wing fame, playing Mr. Anderson, a sometimes colleague who warns Joe and Strasmore to stay away from Garcia’s wealthy “shark.” There’s also random shots of series regulars Omar Benson Miller and John David Washington, though there’s no real sense of where their storylines are going.

Other than that, we’re talking a whole boatload of partying, with plenty of random dollar bills, alcohol, and, um, undergarments both worn and not worn, which is unfortunately been what most people have taken away from a series with some pretty fascinating subject matter. Indeed, if Season 2 of Ballers can make good on its purported vision of how insidious and shallow the business of being a sports agent, or manager or player or coach, can be, and yet how triumphant it often is as well, it will be well worth returning for another season.

Here’s the trailer for Ballers Season 2:


Image via HBO


Image via HBO