Dwayne Johnson Is Not Vin Diesel in First Trailer for ‘Ballers’ Season 2

     February 29, 2016


Sooner or later, Dwayne Johnson is gonna need to clone himself. In between supporting franchises like Fast & Furious, jump-starting franchises like San Andreas, and leading reboots like Baywatch, Johnson also stars in an HBO series. The half-hour comedy Ballers returns for a second season this summer, and HBO unveiled the first teaser trailer for the new episodes over the weekend. Created by Entourage alum Stephen Levinson, the show stars Johnson as a retired NFL player turned financial manager who attempts to keep unruly clients in line while keeping his own life on track.

The first season, while a little too Entourage-esque, was a surprisingly compelling watch with solid work from John David Washington (son of Denzel) as an incredibly talented and incredibly stupid young NFL player who Johnson makes his pet project. The season ended with plenty of opportunity for Johnson and co-star Rob Corddry, and based on this first-look teaser trailer, Andy Garcia looks to be added to the ensemble mix as a rival to their business.

Johnson consistently delivers, so even when Ballers falls into overly familiar or rote territory, he keeps things interesting. I’ll be curious to see if any major creative adjustments have been made to the second season or if the show will continue to serve as a somewhat sibling series to Entourage—it’d be great to see it move further into its own territory.

Regardless, check out the new trailer below. The series also stars Dule Hill, Omar Miller, Donovan W. Carter, and Taylor Cole.


Image via HBO


Image via HBO