Exclusive: Prepare Yourselves for This ‘Ballmastrz: 9009’ Clip Featuring Norman Reedus

     April 27, 2018


If you haven’t been keeping up with Adult Swim’s insane new series Ballmastrz: 9009 from Christy Karacas (Superjail!), maybe our exclusive clip from this Sunday’s upcoming episode will convince you to do just that. Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) guest stars in “Leather Passions! 2 Hearts, 2 Wheelz, Infinite Roadz. RIDE NOW!”as the leader of a menacing biker gang who steals Dee Dee’s affection on this Sunday’s new episode, arriving midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim.

Natasha Lyonne leads the cast of voice actors along with Dana Snyder, Dave Willis, Jessica DiCicco, Eric Bauza, Christopher McCulloch and Karacas himself. Other special guests include Stephanie Sheh and Mike O’Gorman. You can read up on my thoughts in my series review here, or just tune in for yourself this Sunday night to see what it’s all about. Plus, we have commentary from Karacas himself about casting Reedus for this part, so be sure to read on following the clip.

Scope out our exclusive reveal of this insane clip below:

Dee Dee ditches the team for the hunky leader of a menacing biker gang. Is Leto man enough to win her back?


The year is 9009. Ballmastrz: 9009 follows washed up superstar and notorious party gal Gaz Digzy, who after a spiral of destructive antics is demoted to the worst team in The Game: The Leptons. Her only way back to the top is to somehow lead these pathetic misfits to victory. Good luck, Gaz. You’ll need it! The quarter-hour series is created by Christy Karacas (Superjail!) and produced by Titmouse.

Here’s what Karacas had to say about Reedus’ role:

What was it like working with Norman Reedus? Was this role created for him first?

Christy Karacas: Norman was great. He has this really deep, visceral, gravel-like timbre to his voice. It’s like this beautiful, threatening growl, like he smoked ten packs of cigarettes and had a bunch of sand and gravel in his throat. (I mean that in a good way!) And his reads were spot on.

The role wasn’t created for him but when we came up with the episode idea, he was one of the first names that came up to play the character. After that we crossed our fingers he would be interested, and he ended up being the perfect Bacchus LaBrute!

Describe Reedus’ character in this episode and what made it perfect for him.

Karacas: Norman plays Bacchus LaBrute, the leader of the Middle Fingers, a vicious biker gang the Leptons encounter on the road in the wasteland. He’s a hunky cross between Elvis Presley and Charlie Manson, menacing yet oozing bestial charm. Norman was perfect; we were so excited he did it because it was one of those ‘pie-in-the-sky’ choices-a bit of dream casting! In the episode, Bacchus takes a liking to Dee Dee and…I don’t wanna say too much and spoil the episode…let’s just say Leto is going to have to step it up in the romance department if they wanna keep Dee Dee on the team.


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