‘Barry’: Bill Hader Juggles Two Very Different Careers in Full Trailer for New HBO Series

     February 23, 2018


HBO has released a new, full-length trailer for Barry, further revealing the highly anticipated new comedy series. The show hails from SNL alum Bill Hader, who, after leaving SNL, pitched HBO on doing a series about a hitman who finds his passion in acting, and subsequently tries to balance a life between the two worlds.

Hader teamed up with Silicon Valley and Curb Your Enthusiasm alum Alec Bergon the series, and the two serve as co-creators, executive producers, directors, and writers, overseeing every aspect of the dark comedy. The show has previously been described as having something of a Coen Brothers vibe, and that’s definitely present in this new trailer, which is also refreshingly cinematic. Indeed, The Disaster Artist and Neighbors cinematographer Brandon Trost shot the pilot, and I love the contrasts and visuals that Hader and his team are using here, proving that comedies don’t always have to be overlit and flat.

This continues to be one of my most anticiapted shows of the year, as both a massive Bill Hader fan and as someone who has really sparked to the trailers thus far. The premise is genuinely unique, and I’m incredibly excited to see what Hader and Berg have cooked up here.

Check out the new Barry trailer below. The series also stars Stephen RootSarah GoldbergGlenn FleshlerAnthony Carrigan, and Henry WinklerBarry debuts on HBO on March 25th at 10:30pm ET/PT.