Barry Sonnenfeld to Direct PIG SCROLLS for DreamWorks Animation?

     April 8, 2010

barry_sonnenfeld_01.jpgBarry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) is achin’ for some bacon. DreamWorks Animation has approached Sonnenfeld to develop and direct an animated comedy based on the Pig Scrolls (via Pajiba), a popular young adult novel by Paul Shipton. Set in Ancient Greece, the story stars Gryllus, formerly a sailor with Odysseus, who was bewitched by the enchantress Circe and transformed into a pig. His personal quest to become human again leads him into a far larger adventure where he must stop the deadly Atomos Device from being detonated and destroying the cosmos. Naturally, sly, albeit anachronistic, nods to Greek history and mythology abound and most of the pantheon makes an appearance.

Riding the Grecian wave of Clash of the Times and Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, Pig Scrolls joins Hercules and Jason and the Argonauts in the copycat queue. As Sonnenfeld is also attached to Men in Black III, The Spellman Files and Swift it is still too soon to pencil his name in as director. Pajiba notes, however, that of all the projects, Pig Scrolls is the most developed so it may have the inside track.

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