Bateman and Arnett to Form DumbDumb Productions

     January 8, 2010


Stars of Arrested Development, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are joining forces to create a new digital-driven production company.  Alongside Ben Silverman’s Electus, the pair’s new label, DumbDumb, will focus on commercials, shorts, and original content that could be adapted for the big screen.  Electus is set to deliver DumbDumb’s content via its already established comedy division while utilizing the web production and development infrastructure of

Hit the jump for more on how DumbDumb came to be and direction for the new company.

arrested_development_tv_show_image_jason_bateman_will_arnett_01.jpgLook to anything Bateman or Arnett have worked on and it becomes clear why DumbDumb seems to be destined for success.  The pair delivered pitch perfect comedy together in Arrested Development and respectively with Bateman in Extract and Arnett in 30 Rock.  Adding to this is the fact both men have an uncanny ability for staying front and center in the entertainment industry.  Between the two, they were involved with over 20 projects in 2009.

So, with such a steady career, why would Bateman and Arnett choose to get into production?  Not surprisingly, the pair was already creating content before DumbDumb was even conceived.  Bateman explains, “Will and I, and our friends and colleagues, are spending a lot of time doing these funny viral videos, sketches made for a low price,” he said. “It’s a fun hobby for a lot of us. There’s a marriage to be made there, between sponsors and what we find ourselves doing.”

Formalizing the work behind DumbDumb seemed only natural so Bateman turned to high-school friend Silverman for assistance, “Ben educated us on the branded landscape and digital distribution. It’s been an education.”

While the pair was educated in their own right, Silverman is quick to recognize the talent at work behind DumbDumb, “Jason and Will are unique triple threats, people who can direct, write and act,” Silverman said. “They have an intrinsic talent for understanding what makes something funny and how that content will resonate with audiences.”

With original content becoming more and more popular for consumers and advertisers alike, DumbDumb plans on hitting the ground running.  While a competitive industry, Bateman is certain the new company will make its mark on the industry.

“We’ve got some ideas in mind, some things that might work great for soft drink or cookie or computer companies,” Bateman said. “We’ve been thinking about our advertising voice and brand, and at some point people will be immediately able to look and say, ‘That’s a DumbDumb spot.'”

There’s certainly nothing dumb about the plans Bateman and Arnett have.  Individually, the men are gifted comedians.  Together they will undoubtedly raise the bar for hilarity and comic appeal.

If and Funny or Die are any indication DumbDumb is certain to find eager partners in this expanding market.  It will also make for some great laughs while we eagerly await the upcoming Arrested Development movie.